Monday, July 4, 2011

Lost my IPhone 4!

My Iphone 4 got stolen... in my house... GREAT!! of all places... the thing is, I'm not even sure whether I misplaced it or its really stolen.. but after 3 nights of searching, crying and full of agony and crushed hopes, I'm pretty sure that my baby is gone forever :( *tears* If it has been misplaced, its really impossible that I cannot find it anywhere. I even looked for it in the fridge for goodness sake! :(

I'm not really heartbroken about the stolen phone... its the pictures, the data and all my personal contacts and details are stored on the phone.. my phone is like my daily PA. It helps me wake up, sings to me, enable me to chat with my family and friends and all my pictures.... just gone... I have 2 thousand over pictures from my trip back to Malaysia, pictures with my grandma and also pictures from my trip to Istanbul. Gone!!! This is really heartbreaking...

What to do if your iphone got stolen?

Set Password on Phone

The first thing that I regret not doing is setting a lock password on my phone! I am to blame of course, it just never strike me as something important, yeah.. the fact is that I'm too lazy to type my password everything I want to use the phone and I'm regreting it right now! I feel like my phone did not even have a fighting chance.. its too easy accessible, should had let the MF crack his head in order to use the phone instead of just giving it to them!

Track your iPhone via MobileMe

Apple has announced a new service called Find My iPhone that will allow iPhone owners to remotely locate their lost or stolen iPhones using the iPhone’s GPS. Find My iPhone will pinpoint the iPhone’s current location using Google Maps and let owners send and display a message on the iPhone even if it’s locked, presumably to provide information on how to return the phone to the finder of the phone. This application must be installed BEFORE you actually lost your phone. So, I guess its too late for me :(

Call your Service Provider

I called Etisalat to ask them whether they can track any outgoing calls etc, but unfortunately they are not able to help me, as usual. They said they won't be able to track or do anything about it. Got so angry, I just disconnect the line. Its better to just cut the losses instead of incurring a huge debts on the phone bills.

Make A Police Report

Honestly, I don't see there is any point in this... Went to the police station, they asked"what's your problem" and you said "lost phone". Feel kinda stupid reporting this because this is such a minor minor small crime! Well, they make u wait for an hour (this is what you get for wasting their time), make police report and that's it. They said they will call you but its unlikely that you can get your phone back. But sometimes, they might catch the guy, if the guy uses the phone with another sim card or something like that. I don't know.. well, its worth the try.

Buy Phone Insurance!
Whenever you purchase a phone, ask whether you can actually get your phone insured. Normally, they won't tell you about the insurance because if you lost the phone, means another business for them. Don't stinge on it, because you never know when you need it. Well, no.. my phone is not insured... so its a total lost for me :( :(

It sucks to lose my phone... seriously, how could anyone just take other people's belongings?! no respect at all! I'm still moaning about my lost and I hope I will find it somewhere somehow... I really do...