Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

I saw this picture on Facebook.. this is so gorgeous!

As the Chinese New Year arrives on January 23th, the sail on the exterior fa├žade of the iconic Burj Al Arab will be illuminated with a fantastic and imposing image of a dragon. Seen from miles away, the Burj Al Arab will be a spectacular sight to see. HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!
Well, celebrating CNY in Dubai is not really a huge ocassion here. It is like any other day!! No holidays, no "tak tong chang" music blasting the malls, nothing here! It is just a quiet ocasion  and I really miss being back home to celebrate this event. *tears*
Getting really jealous of all the food pictures that my friends has been posting up on facebook!! *drooools*
Wishing everyone wealth and happiness in this Dragon Year!