Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vote For Your Mum Of The Year With Tesco

Vote For Your Mum Of The Year With Tesco

Who will get your support in the people’s choice category for The Tesco magazine Mum of the Year Awards? Take a look at our highly moving short films, fronted by famous supporters, which follow the lives of our three extremely deserved nominees. They show the courage and commitment of these inspirational mums, so please do watch them. Voting is now open at www.facebook.com/mumoftheyear

Watch this 3 amazing mum and woman who had dedicated their lives for their children and others to make this world a better place. They are truly inspirational..

Karen Upton

One and a half year ago, Karen's beloved husband, her childhood sweetheart and father to the 2 children, Sean, was killed whilst serving in Afghanistan. The amount of work she has since done for families of those in the forces has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Michelle King

Having seen her gorgeous little boy, Oliver, who has Down's Syndrome, through some major health issues, Michelle has dedicated herself to helping other parents in similiar situations. She founded family voice Peterborough, which has helped families hugely by putting them in touch with local authorities. This year she started Little Miracles, a playgroup for disable children offering advise and support for parents.

Anne Marie

From the moment Anne Marie moved to Dumfries in 1989 with her 4 year old daughter, she has commited herself to making life better for children in the area. She started by forming a junior group in the community centre. Soon she was petitioning the Council for an improved centre and they duly obliged. She would run the youth group in the evenings while working full time in the day. 170 children i now registered and she continues to give her heart and soul to the children and young people of Dumfries.

Register and vote. They truly deserve some recognition and support.

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