Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not-feeling-so-proud to be a Malaysian at the moment.

What has become of Malaysia? I had been away for ages... at the back of my mind, I would always want to go back to my home country one day. Right now, working in Malaysia does not take me anywhere anymore.Salaries are the same but prices of food, petrol and rent are increasing day by day. Sad actually.. because, there is no way I am able to have any savings, so basically it will be like the malay saying "kais pagi , makan pagi, kais petang, makan petang." To live from hand to mouth."

It is quite sad to hear that The Tourism Ministry had spent RM1.8 million to start and maintain its Facebook page. I just don't get this. Even if it cost that much (which I doubt it) , why would you want to spend that HUGE sum of money to do that? Wouldn't it be better to use the money to improve the lifestyle of its own people first? There are so many deserving students who needs money to study but has no means to do that, there are people so poor that they are living in sheds and barely have enough money to survive or provide food on the table. Maybe by helping people in need would actually decrease the crime rates substantially. I don't blame people for stealing, or robbing, it is a crime no doubt, but these are actually desperate people who is only trying to survive in this world.

If only the government ask themselves this question "how can I help and benefit the people? "everytime they make a decision. Maybe that way, Malaysia would be in a better place and there won't be people trying to resist and condemn the government by moking the slogan "Cuti- Cuti Malaysia" to Curi Curi Malaysia".

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