Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never ever help friends with money. EVER!

What do you do when you friend loan money and does not want to pay you back?


Your friend calls you up, begging you to help and loan them money then promises/ swears to pay back within a month or so.  After a month, no word about the payment.. you call them up, then you get excuses after excuses, sad story.. blah blah blah. Months and months after that, same old story. Emails, messages and calls still no results. Other friends thinks that you are being mean for pushing them to pay back when they have no money. You ended up losing money, time and friendship. The end.

Sounds familiar?

Well, I'm going through this and I am really really getting pissed off and impatient now. How frustrating! When they want money, they expect you to loan to them and promise you the world and say that you can trust them. When it comes to paying back, they avoid you and give you freaking lots of crap and excuses. What is your freaking problem? I'm done helping anyone especially friends. No wonder friends don't help friends anymore. It is because of people like this! You are just trying to help them when they really needed it the most and they just screw your life upside down. Many of my friends just ask me to treat it as a donation or as a total lost, lesson to be learned, but trust me, I'm not backing off. I will make sure I get every single cent back for the trust you have broken and making me feel like a fool for helping. If its a small amount, fine. But not this. No way.

Those who are in my position and in my shoes, you will understand what I am going through.. and those who conveniently loan money and just couldn't be bothered or even make an effort to pay back, shame on you. If you can't even control or plan your finances when you have the money, don't expect to just use other people especially friends to help you out when you have too much debts. When you have the money, you enjoyed, travel, buy a house and expensive car, and now, because of this, you are financially stucked and loan money just to carry on with your lavish lifestyle. Bravo!

I am really running out of ways to get my money back..  Thanks for being such a good friend.

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