Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting My Driver's License in Dubai

I will be taking my assessment test tomorrow and I am soooooo nervous. Heard and read a lot of "bad experiences" people face and all the horror stories about not passing and how they purposely fail you in order to squeeze more money out of your pocket.

I am not fortunate enough to have my license converted. Since I have Malaysia's Driving License with experience more than 5 years, I am only required to take 20 classes  (10 indoor and 10 outdoor). Thank God for that! Each class last about 30 minutes and honestly you can't learn much in that short span of time. It cost about 60 dirhams per class!! Thankfully I bought my driving vouchers from Cobone .. 50% off ! hehe. Hopefully they won't puposely fail me because I only paid half the price of the classes!

Here are some tips on how to pass the road test that I got from my instructor and friends who finally passed their test after 5 attempts..

Driving License Test in Dubai - what are the DO and DON'Ts
1. Drive with confident and don't panic.
2. Remember to adjust your seat, mirrors and make sure you wear your seatbelt. Check on the dashboard that all doors are closed properly and ready to go.
3. Drive at a good speed -on main road is about 60km/hr / service rood 30 to 40.
4. Never forget your indicators and mirrors when maneuvering, turning, approaching the road or intersection
5. Don't change lanes unless you are asked to do so.
6. Never change lane until you do the 4 point check. Remember to check your mirror, signal, check your mirrors again, check your blindspot and mirrors again and then change the lane.
7. When you see a STOP sign, make a complete STOP.
8. Park your car parallel to the road when asked to parked by examiners. Never park in front of any entrance, gates or side roads. Always use hazard light when you park.

I am really nervous about driving tomorrow.. not because of my driving skills, but because I am afraid of the cost of failling. I pray I pass my test on my first attempt and not make stupid mistakes that will cost me a fortune. To those who will be taking their test - all the best!!! I hope these tips helps :) :)


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