Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Dubai Road Assessment Test Results!

My Dubai Road Assessment Test Results.. PASS!! Honestly speaking, I do not know what is wrong with me.. I was really nervous and did a lot of stupid mistakes! There was 4 of us in the car and I was praying I did not have to go through the roundabout because I have no confidence in that.. guess what, I got the roundabout of course... ggrrrr... I did really badly :( All of us did some stupid mistakes but we are lucky that all of us passed the assesment test with the condition we had to take more lessons before we take the final road test. sigh..

I'm better than this.. She almost failed me but I pleaded that she give me a chance and pass me. Phew! Thank God my tester was a really nice arab lady. I am so grateful. The only thing that sucks is that I had to take another 8 more classes before I can actually go for my road test. Its another 480 dirhams. Ouch... well, its better than failling and taking another 20 classes I guess.

I will have another 8 classes and will have my final road test on the 2nd November. Hopefully I will do better and not let my nerve get to me! Good luck to anyone taking it as well!!


  1. well good luck with the final one...fingers crossed :P

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