Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad Driver On Board

I have not been driving since I was here in Dubai. Back in Malaysia, I guess I'm not a BAD driver.. but i wouldn't categorised myself as GOOD either! But its still ok because I had been driving from my place to my workplace and to the malls of course :-) So far so good, no accident -just a couple of scratches to my baby car here and there.. Nothing MAJOR!

Allan had to drop his car off to the service center to get his car fixed tomorrow and I had to drive the other car to fetch him from there. Just got back from my "driving practise" around Dubai with Allan beside me of course and OMG!!! It was horrible.. my legs were shaking so bad and I'm not use to driving on the left side of the wheels and driving on the right side of the road! It was sooooooo confusing..... Oh gosh.. I just hope I make it tomorrow... safe! Maybe they should put a big notice around Dubai or broadcast on the news....
Yeah.. bad driver on board! Besides being soooo confuse on the road, the drivers here are just as horrible ... Different nationalities with driving license from all over the world will be on the same road with me tomorrow! No Mercy!!! Just hope I can make it tomorrow.. *fingers crossed* Stresssssssssssssss!!!!

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