Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sex and the Desert?

I wish I have my very own "Sex and the City" girls here with me in Dubai! It will be sooooo awesome to have my girlfriends here with me. I shall make my very own version of "Sex and the Desert!"

Sex and the City 2 in Abu Dhabi

Sex and the Desert in Dubai?

I've been in Dubai since December 2008 and I had been missing my friends and family back home. The good thing about Dubai is that I'm living closer to my sister now :-) yay! I hope i'm going to visit her in UK real soon!
I'm just so homesick and I've been craving for Malaysian food especially my mummy's cooking and also Penang assam laksa, rojak, char koay teow... *droooling* better stop writing bout food! Been craving so badly for the food and guess what!! Vyn can finally cook!! haha! SURPRISE!!! No more maggiee meee, rice and egg food! I made assam laksa!!! Anyways, I'll blog more about my cooking adventures in the food blog my sis and I created - We will be uploading recipes that we compiled from the net, friends & family and we are going to show off our cooking skills!! :-P
Its so hot and humid here right now.. summer is coming! To my girlfriends back home in Malaysia - Barley, Cherlyn, Tracy, Frauline and Tedy.. Come here!!!! Sex and the Desert awaits!! Sue yen- bring baby Noah here with u! U can be Charlotte who has a baby :-P


  1. aloha~ yuli and cherlyn was here

  2. Will bring baby Noah when he is older.. not for sex though :P

  3. hahahahaa!! still innocent little boy!