Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random thoughts..

Let me put this in words, there are many occasion we as human being take things so personal, at times too deep whether at work or just simply personal, u may ask why, simply stick to the fact that we are just human and we have feelings, love, pain, anger, sad and whatsoever.

Sometimes, just sometimes perhaps for most people all the time, we tend to regret and wish to turn back the hand of time to fix the wrong things right… it’s casual to have such thoughts, it’s also bothering.

I’m 26 this year, when I look back at my series of life, I wander upon the brick of wall in front of me…surrounding me, what have I achieved? Not so much in material and career aspect but more towards pursuing my happiness and hopes of having my own family. Does it worth it? Am I certain that the choices I make is right? Will I ever be certain that I will achieve what I hope and dream? What would happen if all of my dreams and hopes are crushed? What if things go wrong?... I ask myself that question over and over again.. will I regret my decisions? I know what I'm doing... This is the path I choose to walk into and I believe in love. No matter how insane it sounds. But I just have faith that everything is going to turn out just fine.

There are people we miss but we will never be able to meet them or touch them anymore, perhaps we could, only through the sensation of thoughts lay in our mind heart. What does life means to you? Does it mean to live and achieve something material? Driving a nice car? Living in a nice house? Or measure in the sense of what you have? Let me ask a question here; when you are down is there someone that you can rely on? To speak to? Understand you, listen to you, hold in their arms and whisper in your ear that everything is ok? If no, then you are successful? For me, living is not measured in the context of materialization but living only can be meaningful shall you be able to live an impact in someone’s life, so strong that your name and your spirit will live within them and that they will pass this on from generation to generation and make this world a better place for every face we once know and for every smile that we miss…

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