Monday, April 4, 2011

Fanta Melts Dubai Mall - FANTA-stic!!!

Watch in amazing 3D Fanta-Vision as Fanta takes over the Souk Al Bahar in Dubai. No need for those funky glasses to enjoy this 3D spectacle.

Presented in glorious, 3D Fanta-Vision, the orangelicious drink took over the Souk Al Bahar in Dubai with an awesome light projection show that left onlookers thirsty for more.

Coca-Cola brand, Fanta, has launched its latest online campaign called Fanta Chase using a 3D projection mapping clip reflected on Souk Al Bahar in Downtown Dubai.

Fanta mesmerises dubai mall audience....with its mind mind-bendingly FANTAstic 3D Projection Mapping stunt at Dubai Mall, left the audiences speechless.

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BRAVO!! BRAVO!!!! *claps*

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