Monday, October 18, 2010

Be in to win £50,000 with Rollercoaster Extreme !

I have phobia of roller coaster!! I find it hard to deal with high speeds and strong forces. I'm not really afraid of height, but if its on a moving object, hell yeah!!! I will be too afraid to even scream! I'll shut my eyes really tight and start crying!!!

Lucky for those who suffer the roller coaster phobia, you can actually play Barclaycard’s Rollercoaster Extreme game! Its payback time! haha. You could win an iPad, a trip to Las Vegas or £50,000*. Why not join this competition and its not life threatening and also have the chance to win $$ and a trip!

Barclaycard’s Rollercoaster Extreme is now even more exciting. As well as new multiplayer and ghost racing game functionality, we’re now available for download on the iPad! Even better, you can now also be in to win yourself an iPad, a trip to Las Vegas and even £50,000*!

Simply download Barclaycard’s Rollercoaster Extreme game for free, submit your top score to the Barclaycard Rollercoaster Facebook Leaderboard and you could be a big winner! Every month Barclaycard will be giving away an iPad to the player with the highest score for that month. They’ll also be sending the four all-time top scorers on a trip to Las Vegas for the Rollercoaster Extreme game playoffs. Once in Vegas they’ll play each other for the chance to win £50,000 at NYNY Hotel – which has its very own rollercoaster.

To re-cap the new and previous game features:

NEW. Multiplayer functionality, challenge the person next to you on all eight tracks

NEW. Ghost racing mode, try to beat the times of our top racers all over the world

Race around a 3D New York City

Unlock new areas in the game

Interact with the game environment on every ride

Tilt the screen to dodge obstacles or grab speed boosting energisers

Collect special Rollercoaster Extreme rider badges at every level

This new game is inspired by the Barclaycard Rollercoaster TV ad. If you missed it, you can check it out at You’ll also find a demo of game there, so you can see just how fun it is!

*Competition closes 4 January 2011. See terms and conditions.

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