Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Oman Run!! yay!!

Today is my last Oman run!! yay!! Its 3.30 am and I just got home! sooooo tired but thank God its my last!! Went over to Sheryn's and Pete's place to have dinner - potluck with some friends :-) We had rice, sambal chicken, noodles, beef rendang, veg curry, chicken curry and vietnamese spring rolls! Yummy! Desert was so lovely! Sheryn made jelly and Joyce made chocolate fudge with sour cream topping.. heaven!

Today I finally met my new friend, Bel and Reiss (not sure how to spell her name) and we went to do our Oman run together. :-) We started our journey at 11pm and came back at 3.30am.

Today I had great food with great friends, met new friends and its my last Oman run! One more good news when I checked my facebook is that Jac finally had delivered her baby boy!! Congratulations Jac and Patrick! Your handsome young boy is sooooo cute *kiss kiss*

Goodnight everyone & sweet dreams!


  1. Thank you for dropping by my Blog. Yes taking up driving here is expensive but it is something you have to do if you plan to stay here for long. I am glad I did it.

    Last Oman run? You leaving the desert city already?

  2. hello Szue Fei!! no no.. last run because I finaly found a job!!! hahaha!! I'm not sure whether I can drive here.. the roads and drivers are crazy!