Friday, October 1, 2010

My Mother

My mum is the most beautiful woman in my eyes. She has a small frame, very thick curly wavy hair, her skin is soft like baby (always envied her skin), very kind heart and would do anything for her kids. When we were growing up, I never knew we had very little money. Both my parents are teachers - they were both young and just started their teaching careers. Having 2 girls, my sister and I at that time, only 18 months apart had never been easy. I admire the way my mum tries to give us everything we wanted, even though she has to sacrifice the things she wanted for herself. She is selfless- always thinking about others before herself. I admire her for that, but sometimes I wish she can be a little bit selfish and treat herself better.

Growing up, she has always been there for me.. from school, boys, heartbreaks.. she's always been there no matter what. She is a very cool mum indeed. I remembered her writing "letter of absense" to my teacher because she knew I was too tired and needed rest. (haha) I also remember plotting with her to answer my phone telling the school boys that I'm not home. She's been there when I got my heart broken and she always know the right words to say and she knows how to make me feel better.

She taught me the sense and value of money. She was a role model for me. She didn't have to teach me that, I learn that from observing her.. I know that if she spend on this, then she will have to cut down on the other things. She's always looking at the price before she gets something. I think I got that habit from her! Its a constant sacrifice. She didn't have the privilage to just get whatever she wants (dad was stingy!)

Sometimes I wonder, things changed or people changed? Some parents just don't understand how fast their children are growing up.. parents has always stayed the same, its the kids that change. They tend not to listen to what their parents have to say, they have zero tolerance and they think that their mum just like to nags for the sake of nagging. Parents especially mums will feel that they have been neglected, they lost the sense of closeness or bond that they once had. The more they fight for their child, the more they feel their child are slipping away...

I'm glad that I not only have mum-daughter relationship, but my mum and I are the best of friends. We talked about everything and anything. If you treat your mum like your best friend, then the relationship will always be there. She is the reason I am the woman I am today. I love my mum so much. I promise to take care of you and love you just the way you did for me.

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