Friday, October 22, 2010

Jo Pratt Making Fish Cakes Using Tilda Lime and Coriander Steamed Basmati Rice

Im going to try this recipe out next weekend!! Looks easy and yummy!

Tilda legendary basmari rice - Lime & coriander
Fresh Coriander
1cm ginger
Spring onions
Red Chili
Thai green curry Paste
Lightly beaten egg
And some bread crumbs


1. Put Tilda Basmati rice into a big bowl
2. Add chopped spring onions, grated ginger, red chili, white crab meat, lime, egg, coriander, coconut into the bowl.
3. Mix well and shape into fish cakes
4. Coat the fish cakes with bread crumbs
5. Heat oil and fry till brown.
6. Its done! and enjoy!!

Tilda presents celebrity chef Jo Pratt cooking a very quick and simple recipe for fish cakes using Tilda Lime and Coriander Steamed Basmati Rice

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