Friday, October 22, 2010

Strip Me Famous - 18 SX!

Strip me Famous - Watch Crystal Peters do her "thinggy" and suprise the judges with a very lasting impression with "pop" from "somewhere" stunt! If you are confused on what I am writting about, well.. i guess you will have to watch the video to understand! LOL! Enjoy the show!

A satirical look at how far reality TV contestants will go in the pursuit of fame that will get pulses racing.

Take a look at how far the next generation of reality TV shows will have to go to trump X-Factor. Instead of hopeful singers auditioning using their vocal talents, we get to see a budding pole dancer as she attempts to strip her way to the 2010 final of Strip Me Famous. Being judged on the length of her Wookiee’s handbag and an umbrella being revealed from a rather unexpected region merely scratch the surface of what you can expect to find in this very funny first episode of Strip Me Famous, with two more episodes still to come.

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