Monday, October 4, 2010

In His Time..

I believe there is God and angels watching over me. He's always been there for me throughout the years. I believe the power of prayers and I believe in miracles. He may not have always answered my prayers instantly and there are times that I doubt God and thought that maybe he doesn't love me anymore because I only come to him when I needed something... but He always answers my prayer.. In His time... but he always gives me more than I ever asked for.

I remember there was an incident- where I was participating in my school choir competition. We were given a silk outfit to wear. My teacher had told us to be extra careful with the outfits because she doesn't have extra. The day of the competition, I ironed my outfit... and guess what.... there's a hole there! I burned it! I was so frantic and I didn't know what to do! I prayed and prayed.. I never prayed so hard in my life! I thought that I would get a miracle from God. Maybe God will make it a dream and I will wake up and nothing had happen. But NO.. that didn't happen! my outfit has a burned hole still... I hop on my bus to school and began praying again.. nothing happen.. its still ruin... continue praying and yet nothing happen.

I reached my school gate, prepared to talk to my teacher and apologise.. and then suddenly I saw my senior (3 years older) and had left the school for further studies. She came over and said hi to me and then I explained to her what happened. She was like , "omg... I was clearing my wardrobe yesterday and I found my choir outfit that was sitting there and haven't return. That's why I'm here today." I say that was God's miracle for me. Why on earth would a senior that had left school decide to return the very same outfit that exact same day and the exact time I was there?  He works in ways we can never imagine.

He has blessed me with so many other things in life. I've been searching for a job that pays me decently for months, I had send my CVs everywhere and yet nothing happen. No calls, no interview. I was feeling bored one day and decided to go on dubizzle just to look for some activities I can do in Dubai, and this job advertisement suddenly pop up. The job requirements fits perfectly to my previous job experience.. I applied, went for interview and got the job! Everything happens when you least expected it!

Today, another miracle happened. I've been looking for my passport photos for months..been searching the whole house. I needed it to give to HR when I start work, and also I didn't want to take a new one because its expensive to take it here and I look good in that passport picture! *shy*. . And I made a silent prayer to God and said "Please help me find what I'm looking for".. the very next moment, I turn around and saw a white envelope in between my book and there it was :-) call it coincidence.. but I'll say this is a miracle.

Just be patient if God has not answered your prayers yet. He has a plan for you and when he does, he'll give you the best and always gives more than you can ask for. Just want to say, thank you God for always being there for me. I Love You. :-)

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