Friday, September 17, 2010

Back from Oman.. yet again.

Its 1.30 am now.. just got back from Oman an hour ago. So tired! Went to Oman to renew my visa again. DAMMIT!!! Almost 4 hours drive back and forth. Poor Allan.. I'm sitting in the passenger sit and I feel so restless and tired. hehe. Why am I complaining? I'm not the one driving! hehe *shy*

How do I renew my Dubai visa? Well, every 40 days, we drive 2 hours to the border of Oman. Get the exit stamp from Dubai. Fill out a tiny white and blue piece of form, pay AED60 and get an entry and exit stamp from Oman. Drive back to the border heading towards Dubai, get an entry stamp for 40 days and drive back another 2 hours. How fun. Its a long drive just to get a stamp that takes less than 2 minutes to stamp!

I really hope I don't have to do these visa runs after I get a job here *fingers crossed* So tired now.. Going to zzz because we have a morning appointment tomorrow with the Mercedes dealer to test drive their car. hehe. Not buying but just to drive for fun. haha. Then around 1pm, we will be meeting Allan's Thai friends for lunch at "xiao fei yang" or Little Sheep. It has the best hot pot in Dubai! It taste sooooooooo good that you will dream of it the next day! One of Allan's friend will be bring me my tom yum noodles from Thailand!!! Yay! So happy!! Been craving for it... my pama tom yum noodles... I will see u tomorrow :-)

Good night and sweet dream everyone :-)


  1. Poor you. I know how exhausting it is even to sit in the car for hours. It's a torture!

  2. yes indeed.. hehe. If its a shopping trip, it will be different! haha