Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Selling Grapes

It's been a long time since I've work.. gosh... when was the last time I worked? Jan 2009... I've been bumming for quite some time now...

I've been looking for a job in Dubai for quite some time now.. the first few months, I was actively looking for a job.. and then my hopes got lower and lower.. I'm soooo demotivated. Looking for a job as Malaysian here is not easy. Searching for a job here is really hard because lower level jobs are mainly for Filipinos and Indians and they pay really low and on the other hand, jobs for higher level jobs they require "Western educated" and also Arabic speaking! As a Malaysian, I'm stuck between the 2 ! I can't believe how racist they are even on the recruitment page! they will even specify the race they want for the job! only indians or Filipino will be considered, only arabic speaking candidates, only westerners can apply.. etc etc.wtf?!

I really feel so useless at home sometimes. BORED!!! I'm always on facebook refreshing my page to see what's up with people, clicking on the links, pictures, videos.. gosh... I seriously need a life!! I miss waking up early in the morning, dressing up to work - wearing a work suit and high heels, sitting in my office, answering emails and having lunch with my colleagues, staying up in office till its 11 pm and cursing my work! (The "past ME" would kill the "future ME" for saying this. hehe)

Hopefully I will get a job soon. I promise I wont be fussy about the pay anymore (as long as they pay me decently of course, but I would definitely not work for free! Please please give me a job so that I can pay for my holidays and buy loads of bags... I <3 shopping.....

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