Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy day Tomorrow

I'm sitting here drinking my favorite bailey. I think I only had a few sips so far and I'm  feeling kinda blur and sleepy now. I'm a lousy drinker. My hong kong friend  said that I'm a cheap date *blush* We went to a club for ladies night and I only need 1 beer to last me for 4 hours! haha! *blush* My face gets really red and then I feel extremely sleepy. lol.

Tomorrow will be a busy day! I need to go carrefour and get some groceries. I'm going to make Assam Fish and fried belacan kangkung tomorrow.. *drolls* Need to buy okra, tomatoes, dried chilis.. can't think right now! LOL. I'll try to upload the recipe if I have the time in my food blog I'm not a good cook but I try to learn because I do not have the privilage of paying RM5 and eat what I love in Malaysia! I miss my spicy food.. assam laksa, char koey teow, pan mee, fish head noodles, nasi lemak and the list goes on! Chinese food in Dubai is not as good as back home of course and needless to say, its really expensive to eat out. So, I'm learning to cook! yay! Vyn can cook! Check it out! haha

I will have to clear the room downstairs as well. A friend will be staying with us for a couple of months. Need to move all the boxes and make room for him. It will be a busy busy day tomorrow :-) Hope I'm not too drunk tonight! hehe. Good night everybody.

Good night mummy.I had fun chatting with you on facebook. I love you.. sweet dreams. Miss you so much.

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  1. Well done Vyn. Keep it up. Let me know how the assam fish turned out... xxx