Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a YUMMY day!!

I'ts surprising how I can wake up really early when it comes to food! Been waking up 8.30 in the morning for 2 days now! Yesterday I had a call from my vietnamese friend, Thuy that she will be coming over to my place to pass me mooncakes (yay!) and Allan was getting ready to go to work and he was suprised to see me up and brushing my teeth! haha! He is just amazed (but not suprised,of course) that I would wake up for food *blush* There I was, getting ready earlier than him and waiting for my mooncake to arrive! (we finished the mooncake that night itself) Thuy came over and we had a long chit chat, had breakfast and catch up on things because she had gone back Vietnam for a month and I haven't seen her in a while. That night she messaged me and ask whether I would like to join her for coffee the next day.. and of course I said yes!! So, here I am again waking up early today :-) haha! We had breakfast a Columbia Cafe (food sucks), I met 2 other vietnamese friend and a hot filipino mama. Thuy and I decided to drive all the way to Dragon Mart for hotpot and use up our AED180 worth of vouchers that we collected so far! We went there, had too much food (we were so hungry that we ate too fast) and I decided to pack for Allan (who has been sulking that he wanted to follow us but he can't get off work) hehe. I came back, dig out our steamboat pot (thanks to Allan's mum who carried all the way from Singapore for us) and had our nice little hotpot session :-) its is just AWESOME!! chilis and garlic floating!! It kinda scared out housemates looking at it!

It's just a YUMMY day today. I'm popping choco pops in my mouth while typing this blog :-)

I hope you had a yummy day today too!!

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