Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm so excited! My adik angkat - Chew said he found a job for me!! He had a talk with a friend of his, a Malaysian boss and he said he would hire me provided I get my own visa. But how?? In Dubai, the only way you can get a visa is when a company sponsors you. This doesn't makes much sense :-( I guess companies now are going through cost savings and do not want any fuss and hassle of applying for their employee's visa. Companies in Dubai are hiring people who has their own visa (under spouse/ or family visa)  .. and I'm VISALESS :-( its just so hard.. I'm tired of going for Oman trips every 40 days just to do my visa. Its a 4 hours drive back and forth- the whole day will be wasted. Not to mention the time, the transportation and poor Allan has to drive me. I feel bad for him.

I just hope and pray that I will be able to negotiate the terms with him. I'm going to ask him to make an exception for me, I'll take a pay cut and pay for my own visa if this is what it takes to get the job. (pretty desperate huh) After all, he's a Malaysian. So maybe *fingers crossed* he'll help.

I have to do another visa run in a few days time. Gosh.. I really hate this feeling. I feel like an illegal immigrant or "bangla" here. Please God... give me a job soon.

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