Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Job Interview

I went for a job interview today! I was so nervous I coudn't sleep.. and in the morning, I couldn't eat. hehe. So stress!! My job interview was at 2pm. I called the cab around 9am and told the cab driver to come and pick me up at 12.40pm (way early). lol. You never know, Dubai cab drivers are unreliable at times and I cannot afford to be late especially for interviews! A friend of mine called the cab once, cab driver got lost and came like 2 hours late! So better be safe than sorry. At 12 pm, I showered, drank a cup of coffee, had a tiny bite on my toasted peanut butter and jam bread, and guess what! Its 12.30pm and the phone rang! Cab driver came early!! So, I rushed .. put on a suit, grab my bag and ran downstairs.. there he was! Too early!! I was asking him to drive slowy because I know that I will be there really really early!

It so weird that I am being interviewed 3 times today. 1st interview, was the cab driver with his Pakistani accent "So madam, where are u from?", "what job are u looking?", "How long have you been in Dubai?", "where do you work before this?" He even told me, "Don't worry. I have a feeling you will get the job". So funny and kind of him. I reached the office building and gave my cabby a tip :-) Its 12.50pm! My interview is at 2pm! Gosh, what am I going to do!

I went in the building, I didn't want to go to the office too early (didn't want to look too desperate), so I walked around the building and have a tour. Its an interesting place. It has restaurants and cafes downstairs and the offices are all upstairs. I went to subway and bought myself a bottle of mineral water :-) Its luch time and the seats are all occupied. So I went to sit at the lobby just to kill time. 2 guys came and sat opposite from where I was sitting and started making conversations and of course it ended out like an interview! "So, I haven't seen you around here", "What brings you here?", " How long have u been in Dubai?" etc etc.blah blah blah...

Its 1.45pm and I went up to the 18th floor and finally meet with my interviewer! By that time, I wasn't feeling nervous anymore (thanks to my previous warming up interviews sessions!) LOL. Halfway through the interview, I can hear my stomach rumbling (hungry!!!) hehe, It was making weird noises *shy* but the interview went really well. He said that I was the last and the best candidate he interviewed so far. So hopefully I wil get an offer letter soon! *fingers crossed*

The perks are really good, I will get a visa sponsored by the company (yay!! no more Oman runs), 20 days paid leave, annual ticket back to my home country, flexible working hours (as long as its 8 hours per day) and the best of all, I will be a working woman again!! I can now wear my burried working outfits and shoes!

Today is a very good day indeed. Its the "Mooncake Festival" and also its Aimee's Birthday! Happy Birthday Aimee & May your dreams come true :-)


  1. I'm happy for you! Congratulations. So what is your jope. I'm sure you will get it!

  2. Thank u Irene! its a job as an account assistant in an oil and gas company :-) yay!!!!!! Hopefully!!!