Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best Hot Pot in Dubai - Xiao Fei Yang "Little Mongolian Sheep"

Went for Hot Pot today.. yay!! *jumps* So happy and satisfying.. hehe. Its just the best! Been craving for it for sooooo long! They closed during the whole month of Ramadhan and I finally had the chance to eat there today! A Vietnamese friend of mine introduced this place to me and ever since the first trip there, I had been like a hot pot addict. PERIOD. This is our girl's favorite lunch spot now because all of us got so hooked to this place.

If you love spicy stuff, this is AWESOME! Its different from the typical steamboat I had  in Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore. Back home, its always tom yum or clear soup. But this place, the soup is just fantastic! It taste like herbal soup but a spicy version - you can see chilis and garlic literally floating! No joke! But if you can't handle the chilis - you can choose the option of the non-spicy soup. It taste just as good.

We ordered both Spicy Soup! Sorry I forgot to take the proper picture- looks so messy!!
 Was too hungry and busy eating  *blush*

How to get there?

The only problem with this place its really far. Its worth the trip! Its located in International City just behind Dragon Mart. When u see the first roundabout, turn  left. Go straight and look for Building No B03. Its somewhere around there. (sorry I'm really bad in giving instructions) haha. Be sure you go to the correct shop. There's another place that has the same name (slightly different) also a hotpot restaurant so make sure you see this sign on the shop :-) Its a cute little face of a sheep.
Bldg No:B03, China
Tel: 04 4327211

What to expect when you are there?

Just order the soup of your choice, order whatever you want on the menu - they have selections of beef, chicken, mushrooms, lotus, vegetables, meat balls, u name it!

Let the soup boil - add whatever you want the eat in the soup and let it cook for a bit, and ENJOY!!

The waitress doesn't really speak much English and doesn't really understand half the word you are saying so just be patient with them or just point which items you want. I tried communicating with them with my oh-so-broken Mandarin. *shy* At least they got my orders correctly! haha.

If you are in Dubai and you are craving for something spicy, then you should check this place out! Just be prepared to have a free chili / soup facial when you are eating :-) hehe. You will know what I mean.

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