Monday, September 13, 2010


Question - Why do mean crave attention from other girls even though they are in a relationship? Is it because they find it exciting, is it to feed their ego or is it just to make them feel alive? I'm totally quizzical. They may seem like a loyal guy and treats you well but when you are not around, they are total jerks. They secretly calls, e-mail and message their "admirers", their long time lovers.. why do men have to play with fire? They don't want to lose the relationship but still could not help themselves when it comes to other woman. When their woman finds out, they will wiggle their way out of the lie and expect the woman to actually believe what they are saying. Do woman look that stupid to you? Don't insult us. We are smarter than we want you to think.

One lie after another. How much can one take? Love is love. But a heart can only be hurt that much. Woman can be soft hearted, forgive you and take you back. But once you push her too hard, enough is enough. No matter what you do or beg for her forgiveness, all you can see in her eyes is hurt, hate and betrayal. Don't push your luck.

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